We recently added nearly 1 million new documents to Constellate from JSTOR and Portico.  This includes over:

Journal Articles Added Publisher
7,000 Academy of Science of South Africa
6,000 BioOne
64,000 Cambridge University Press
16,000 EDP Sciences
73,000 Emerald Group Publishing
107,000 Hindawi
306,000 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
170,000 Philosophy Documentation Center
5,000 Project MUSE
32,000 SAGE Publications
7,000 University of Kansas Libraries

In addition, to tens of thousands of articles from additional publishers from both JSTOR and Portico (much of this content was recently published.)  You may browse all the publishers contributing to Constellate.  

If you do an analysis on any of the content in Constellate and find something interesting, let us know!