Constellate, the new text and data analytics service from JSTOR and Portico is a platform for learning and performing text analysis, building datasets, and sharing analytics course materials.

The demand for analytics skills across all domains is growing exponentially. Text and data analysis is one of those skills, yet it remains difficult to learn. Researchers and students are often teased by black box, point and click tools that produce a few quick visualizations that whet the appetite; however, the next step in learning text analytics is a high one and requires students to learn statistics and programming. Our primary goal is to make it easier for anyone to learn these skills by creating a learning platform that empowers faculty, librarians, and other instructors to educate a generation in text and data analysis. It provides users with the ability to build datasets for analysis from a variety of sources and provides a gathering space for the growing community of practitioners. Our solution is centered on student and researcher success, providing text and data analysis capabilities and access to content from some of the world’s most respected databases in an open environment with a variety of teaching materials that can be used, modified, and shared.