The Constellate pedagogy package enables individuals to learn and librarians, faculty, and instructors to teach text analysis.

The pedagogy package has a sliding scale of fees based on institutional classifications (the same classifications used for JSTOR and Portico library participants). The sliding scale reflects our understanding of the value schools of different sizes derive from Constellate and their differing budgets. Our aim is to provide a sustainable service that is affordable for all.

Classification Fees
Very Large $15,000
Large $10,000
Medium $7,500
Small $5,000
Very Small $2,000

As there is a ramp-up period to institutions being able to fully take advantage of Constellate, we are offering a 20% discount on the first year of participation and a 10% discount on the second year.

Comparisons of our plans are available in our brochure. If your institution is ready to participate, reach out to us at

For schools not yet ready to commit to the pedagogy package, we offer a semester-long learn & evaluate trial program to assess whether Constellate will meet their needs.