Download from your dashboard

If you have not built the dataset already, create it with the builder.

  1. After your dataset has finished building, open your dataset dashboard.
  2. Find the relevant dataset and choose "Download."


  1. Two sampled dataset options available, including only the metadata (CSV) or metadata with n-grams/full-text (JSON-L).

See also: What's the difference between the JSON-L dataset file and metadata CSV?

If you would like the request the full, unsampled dataset, choose "More Download Options."

The "More Download Options" button

  1. Full datasets are available for metadata (CSV), unigrams/bigrams/trigrams (CSV). If you want all of the available data, then choose "Metadata, n-grams, full-text" (JSONL). Each of these datasets must be requested and may take 10-30 minutes to build.