We have added a page to the Constellate website (https://constellate.org/experiments/) that lists experimental features. These are features that aren’t quite complete but show promise and we would like to get user feedback before making it part of the Constellate platform.

Our initial set of experimental features includes the following:

  • Search by document - this feature allows users to upload a document, or specify a URL, and get a search result set from Constellate of related documents. Keyphrases are extracted and used to build the search result set. Users can click on a phrase on the left hand side of the screen to make it a required search term, which will narrow the result set.
  • A new Constellate notebook environment built on top of Jupyter notebooks.
  • A publisher browse page. Are you interested in a specific publisher? Use the publisher browse to find the publisher and visualize their publications in Constellate. You can also build a dataset directly from the publisher page.

Please give these features and try and let us know what you think via the Constellate mailing list (https://ithaka.groups.io/g/tdm-jstor-portico) or directly to the team at tdm@ithaka.org.