As Constellate’s beta program enters its final phase, we’re receiving a steady flow of insightful and valuable feedback from evaluators. A huge ‘“thank you” to everyone!  And please keep the feedback coming!! (

One excellent review of Constellate was recently posted by Francesca Giannetti, Digital Humanities Librarian at Rutgers University, and her colleague, Caterina Agostini.  Francesca joined Constellate’s beta in April and has been steadily experimenting with the platform.  In this review, Francesca and Caterina describe their experiences using Constellate on a text analytics project related to the work of Galileo Galilei.  Their stepwise walkthrough of Constellate’s functionality highlights its value as a tool for both research and information literacy instruction.

The Constellate beta will run through the end of 2021.  For those interested in participating, please send a note to Ken DiFiore (