This process will help you resolve an issue when you have installed software, such as Python, but the software is not properly recognized in the terminal.

  1. Open terminal using either Spotlight (the magnifying glass in the upper righthand corner) or navigating to
    Macintosh HD > Applications > Terminal
  2. Try the following command to verify the problem:
    python --version
    If an old version of Python, such as Python 2.7 (or no version), is returned, you'll need to update your symbolic links.
  3. Verify where your new installation is installed. The following command will search your computer for where there are existing Python installations:
    ls -l /usr/local/bin/python*
    The terminal should return a list of places where Python is installed.
    Terminal output of locations
    Find the location for the version of Python you would like to use, such as:
  4. Finally, we will create the symbolic link. Assuming the link is at /usr/local/bin/python3.9, enter:
    ln -s -f /usr/local/bin/python3.9 /usr/local/bin/python
  5. Close your terminal session and open a new one. Enter:
    python --version
    You should receive the correct version in response.