Your Dashboard is where you can see datasets you have created or viewed in the past.  It is also where we provide a set of pre-built datasets.  Please beware that we are not requiring a login, so the information about your datasets is being stashed in a cookie -- if you change browsers or delete cookies, you will not be able to see your previously created datasets.  Let us know how important it is for us to implement a login so you can always get back to your datasets at

Each of the cards on Your Dashboard is a dataset you have created or viewed (you may share the URLs to datasets to send them to others):

Screen shot of Your Dashboard

From here you may ...

Screen shot of dataset description

Click on that blue description of your dataset filters to view visualizations about your dataset (read more in a Dataset Page help).

Screen shot of Analyze button

Choose to work with your dataset in our (or your own) Jupyter Notebooks in the Analytics Lab (read more in Analytics Lab help).

Screen shot of Download button

Download your dataset to work with it locally (read more in Dataset Structure help).

Pre-Built Datasets

For users who might be stymied about what dataset to build  and just want to play and learn in our Analytics Lab, we have pre-built a number of datasets for you (you may always access these on your dashboard), including: