Institutions participating in the beta evaluation of Constellate sent attendees to our Introduction to Text Analytics course, taught by Nathan Kelber.  It was an 8-session, 4-week course.  We ran identical sessions (morning and afternoon) on Tuesdays and Thursdays in March 2021.

You may find the Jupyter Notebooks used during class under the "Tutorials" tab of the Constellate navigation bar above.


Attendees may access recordings of the sessions below:

Lesson 1: Why Learn Text Mining

Lesson 2: Python Basics I

Lesson 3: Python Basics II

Lesson 4: Python Basics III

Lesson 5: Exploring Metadata

Lesson 6: Exploring Word Frequencies

Lesson 7: Significant Terms (TF-IDF)

Lesson 8: Topic Modeling

Nathan Kelber

Nathan is the Community Engagement Lead for JSTOR Labs and the director of the Text Analysis Pedagogy Institute. In addition to his teaching role with Constellate, he has taught text analysis and digital humanities courses at the University of Maryland, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Wayne State University.