“Learn & Evaluate” is our trial program designed to help librarians conduct a thorough evaluation of Constellate’s text analysis and pedagogy features and functionality.  During the course of Constellate’s beta in 2021, we learned from evaluators that a structured approach is most effective for examining Constellate.  The Learn & Evaluate trial is available to all academic institutions; there is no fee associated with participation in the Program.

A primary requirement of the Learn & Evaluate program is the identification of a principal evaluator.  These individuals should have a role and skill set that is consistent with those of typical Research and Instruction librarians.  Additionally, the principal evaluator should have a time allocated in their work schedule to meet the Learn & Evaluate trial's elements:

  • Identify and complete a text analytics project, which has a predefined work statement and an estimated completion time of a semester (3-4 months) -- perhaps a workshop/class that includes teaching with Jupyter Notebooks (Constellate or others) in the Constellate Lab or a project in support of faculty research
  • Participate in at least one Constellate class
  • Announce Constellate activities and classes to your campus
  • Participate in regular check-ins with Constellate staff
  • Provide an update to colleagues within your library (for example, a seminar with library colleagues)

The Constellate team will support the principal evaluators activities, via real-time communications and email.  We can also provide customized support activities  upon request.  

For those interested in the Learn & Evaluate program, please contact us at tdm@ithaka.org.