Constellate has two packages: a freely open basic package, and a subscription-based pedagogy package (we are also exploring the possibility of a research package.)

The freely open basic package provides all users:

  • the ability to build datasets of up to 25,000 items (10 per day) from over 30 million journal articles, books, and newspaper issues provided by JSTOR, publishers through Portico, and other sources in the Constellate dataset builder; for rights-restricted content, datasets contain non-consumptive data; for open content, datasets contain the full text (read about dataset formats)
  • at least one visualization in the dataset builder
  • the ability to download datasets of JSTOR full-text content after Constellate staff review the request
  • access to the Constellate Jupyter Notebooks from GitHub
  • attendance at our twice-yearly open Intro to Python class

The pedagogy package is a subscription service for libraries and institutions of higher education. It includes all basic package options, plus:

  • the ability for users to build datasets of up to 50,000 items (10 per day)
  • at least five visualizations in the dataset builder
  • individual access to the Constellate Lab to run both Constellate Jupyter Notebooks and tutorials, plus any other Jupyter Notebooks
  • seamless access to Constellate datasets in the Constellate Lab
  • personal workspaces for saved datasets and code
  • the option for institutions to send users to Constellate's online synchronous classes (at least 10 seats available to each institution per year)
  • the ability for librarians, faculty, and other instructors to teach workshops or classes at scale using the Constellate Lab
  • quick access to Constellate staff, including a Slack channel and office hours
  • staff help for institutions to reach success with a year one teaching project

Our brochure comparing plans is available and you may read about pricing. If your institution is ready to participate, reach out to us at We also offer a semester-long evaluate and learn trial for institutions to deeply explore Constellate.

Research Package Beta Program

We have found that individual researchers need individualized support, and through a research package beta program we will be exploring whether this support can be generalized and what sustainability model it may require. If your institution would like to explore this with us, let us know at