In order to personalize your Constellate experience (including a dashboard that you can access from any device), Constellate asks you to login.  As Constellate is a sister organization to the more established JSTOR, we are using JSTOR accounts to enable login to Constellate (this is in addition to all the ways you can leverage your account at JSTOR, too.)

You may create a user account and login at anytime.  If you have not done it before selecting to "Build" a dataset, you will be prompted then:

Constellate login screenshot

Choosing "Log In with JSTOR" will take you to the JSTOR login page.  From here, use the options on the left-hand side to either login with your existing JSTOR account or register for an account and then login (personally, I find it easiest to just "Log in with Google".)

Once you have logged in, you should be bounced back to Constellate, where you can go ahead and build your dataset or access your dashboard.  You have succeeded if you have the phrase "Your dashboard" at the top right:

Your dashboard example

Institutional Affiliation

In order to access the Constellate Lab, you will also need to be associated with an institution that participates in Constellate.  While anyone in the world may create a user account and download datasets, only users at participating institutions may access the Constellate Lab to work with Jupyter Notebooks (you may read more about this distinction.)  We will identify your institution through the network on which you are accessing (we will map your IP address to your institution, the same as other campus resources.)  Constellate needs you to be on your institutional network just once while logged into your user account at Constellate, and we will associate your institution to your user account.  In this way, if you come back to Constellate when you aren't on your institutional network, we'll remember the affiliation and give you full access.  You can see what institution we think you are at by the very top most line on the right side of the Constellate website.

Institutional affiliation example

My Constellate user account is associated with JSTOR as my institution.  If you do not see your institution name at the top right, connect to your institutional VPN (or whatever tool you use to access campus resources) and come back to Constellate and your institution name should appear.

If you run into any difficulty, just reach out.