A new term frequency visualization is now available on the Constellate platform.  Analyzing term frequencies is an effective method for initiating text analysis research, it helps determine the “aboutness” of a document or textual corpus.  Since its initial release, Constellate has included a term frequency visualization that allows users to assess the output of their dataset build, using keywords or phrases of their choosing.

While user-supplied term analysis is valuable, Constellate developers have added a new visualization based solely on a customized computational methodology.  The details of our multistep process are located on Constellate.  The result of this process is the identification and assignment of 10 keywords or phrases to each document available for analysis in Constellate.  During and after a dataset build, users now can assess their corpus based on the words and terms assigned by the extraction process, which are presented using a “Word Bubble” visualization.  Clicking on one of the bubbles generates a frequency plot of the associated term or phrase.  Cool right?!

We welcome comments on this exciting new feature, as well as Constellate’s development in general. And as always, keep those suggestions flowing!