This summer, through July 31, you are invited to get a jump start on evaluating Constellate’s text analysis and data literacy capabilities for your institution—for free.   You may build a dataset, visualize text analysis (did you know that “mother” occurs considerably more frequently than “father” in scholarly literature about the foster care system?), and even work in the Constellate Lab using our Jupyter Notebooks or your own (a feature usually only available to individuals at participating institutions.)

Each Tuesday at noon EDT, the Constellate team will host a Deep Dive virtual tutorial:

You may even take in our four-session “Introduction to Python” course by working in the Constellate Lab alongside a recording of the class.

Informed by this in-depth exploration of Constellate, participants can make an accurate assessment of whether this new technology is ripe for a robust evaluation in the fall semester.

Register for the Deep Dive sessions to attend live or watch the recordings after-the-fact, or explore at your own pace—the Constellate platform will be open!

(If you want to hear about platform and content updates, join our email group.)