Office hours

Students, faculty, librarians, and staff at institutions participating in Constellate or in an evaluate & learn trial are welcome to schedule a visit with Constellate staff during our weekly office hours.   Office hours run on Wednesdays.  You may sign-up for an appointment using this Google Calendar appointment.  Please note, it

Join our Learn & Evaluate Trial Library Program

“Learn & Evaluate” is our trial program designed to help librarians conduct a thorough evaluation of Constellate’s text analysis and pedagogy features and functionality.  During the course of Constellate’s beta in 2021, we learned from evaluators that a structured approach is most effective for examining Constellate.  The Learn

2021 Beta Program

In 2021, Constellate ran a beta program with over 90 library participants. We are very grateful for their participation, as it was integral to our success in developing Constellate. The webpages for the classes our Beta institutions got to send students, faculty, and staff to remain available: "Introduction to

How to Participate - Constellate Packages

Constellate has two packages: a freely open basic package, and a subscription-based pedagogy package (we are also exploring the possibility of a research package.) The freely open basic package provides all users: the ability to build datasets of up to 25,000 items (10 per day) from over 30 million

Constellate Pedagogy Package Fees

The Constellate pedagogy package enables individuals to learn and librarians, faculty, and instructors to teach text analysis. The pedagogy package has a sliding scale of fees based on institutional classifications (the same classifications used for JSTOR and Portico library participants). The sliding scale reflects our understanding of the value schools

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