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Download a dataset created in the builder

Download from your dashboard If you have not built the dataset already, create it with the builder. After your dataset has finished building, open your dataset dashboard. Find the relevant dataset and choose "Download." Two sampled dataset options available, including only the metadata (CSV) or metadata with n-grams/

Share a lesson with students

First, you'll need to host your lesson to a git repository. The only thing that needs to be in the repository is the relevant notebook file or files. It is helpful to add a readme.txt file but not necessary for the repository to launch in Constellate. Creating a Link

Cite a Constellate dataset

We recommend the following data points be included in a citation to a Constellate dataset: Creator of datasetTitle or Description (we would like to eventually allow users to put titles on their datasets, for now we recommend you describe the dataset in the citation, in place of the title)Date

Create a course website

This intermediate-level how-to will have you creating a static course website based on the Jupyter Book project. The official documentation has more details about the platform, but this documentation should get you up and started quickly for teaching. The site will be hosted using free hosting from GitHub Pages. These

Fix symbolic links (Mac OS X)

This process will help you resolve an issue when you have installed software, such as Python, but the software is not properly recognized in the terminal. Open terminal using either Spotlight (the magnifying glass in the upper righthand corner) or navigating to Macintosh HD > Applications > Terminal Try the

Resolve path issues (Windows 10)

One of the most challenging issues on Microsoft Windows can be resolving Path Issues. A PATH helps Git Bash or the Command Line find the appropriate application to launch. For example, you might be sure you installed Python, Git, Pip, or The Jupyter Notebook, but when you type something like:

Import data into Constellate

The Constellate analytics environment is built on Binder and accepts most common data types. Constellate Dataset Builder Data We encourage teachers to use Constellate data because it is easy to create custom data using our dataset builder. Our python client makes pulling in data very easy: simply insert a dataset

Create a dataset with text files

Having your own data in the Constellate format can be very helpful, since it will allow you to use existing notebooks on your own data! Data cleanup and tailoring can be complex, but we offer a couple notebooks that we hope are useful to researchers. Tokenizing Text Files (More compatible

Create a lesson for a workshop

This beginner-level "how-to" will help you build custom lessons on your local computer using The Jupyter Notebook, push them to GitHub, and then create a link to share with your workshop participants. This approach is suitable for a set of 1-3 workshops. If you are teaching an entire

Filter in the dataset builder

Building a coherent dataset is key to any text analysis.  If you are just exploring, we recommend building a very tight, subject specific dataset.  You can do this with some robust filtering, but you might also want to focus on one or two publications. Constellate provides a variety of filtering

Login & Affiliate Yourself with an Institution

LoginIn order to personalize your Constellate experience (including a dashboard that you can access from any device), Constellate asks you to login.  As Constellate is a sister organization to the more established JSTOR, we are using JSTOR accounts to enable login to Constellate (this is in addition to all the

Install a Package in Constellate Session

If you would like to install a package that is not in Constellate, we recommend using the pip installer with packages from the Python Package Index. In a code cell insert the following code: !pip install package_name for the relevant package you would like to install. The exclamation point

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