Developer Quick Start Now Available

The Constellate team has published a "Developer Quickstart".

What is a Constellate keyphrase?

We have added keyphrases to Constellate. Each keyphrase is up to three words contained in the document. Together they provide a concise summary of the document.

New Term Frequency Visualization

A new term frequency visualization is now available on the Constellate platform. Analyzing term frequencies is an effective method for initiating text analysis research, it helps determine the “aboutness” of a document or textual corpus.

User quickstart

So, someone told you to check out Constellate? Excellent.

Constellate News!

Welcome to the new Constellate News page, where you can stay on top of all the Constellate announcements, events and news that are coming so fast and furious.

New example notebook - finding sentences containing a phrase

The Constellate team has created a new example Jupyter notebook that demonstrates how to find sentences matching a phrase in Constellate data.

Preview of a new Constellate Notebook environment

The Constellate team has been working on a new, more customized, Jupyter notebook environment and we are happy to announce that it’s available for you to “preview”.

Experimental features

We have added a page to the Constellate website that lists experimental features. These are features that aren’t quite complete but show promise and we would like to get user feedback before making it part of the Constellate platform.

Feedback from a Beta Evaluator

One excellent review of Constellate was recently posted by Francesca Giannetti, Digital Humanities Librarian at Rutgers University, and her colleague, Caterina Agostini.

Naming Datasets

To facilitate the organization of datasets in the Dashboard, we’ve added a new feature that allows users to assign a nickname to each dataset.

Embedding Visualizations

In response to a recent request from Constellate’s beta community, we’ve added the capability to insert Constellate visualizations directly in web pages, Jupyter Notebooks, or other interactive media.

900,000+ New Documents

We recently added nearly 1 million new documents to Constellate from JSTOR and Portico.

Article types

Filter on document types in the dataset builder and in your research.

American Prison Newspapers, 1800-2020: Voices from the Inside

Content from the Reveal Digital American Prison Newspapers 1800-202: Voices from the Inside collection is available for text analysis in Constellate.

Article Types, Part 2

We are happy to announce that within Constellate, we have now tagged both JSTOR and Portico e-journal content with article types!

Webinar - Introducing Constellate

Please join us for an in depth review of Constellate’s features and participation options. You will also learn how to join our free, semester-long, evaluate and learn trial.

Princeton University Press

We are excited to announce that Princeton University Press has included their books in Constellate.

New Portico Publishers

We are excited to announce that in March and April 2022, 58 Portico publishers have opted to make their content available for text analysis in Constellate.

Open Summer of Text Analysis!

This summer, through July 31, you are invited to get a jump start on your text analysis skills—or advance them to a new level—for free with Constellate.

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