Students, faculty and staff at Constellate participating institutions (and those participating in an Evaluate & Learn trial) may attend our class about how to bring your own texts into Constellate for analysis. This course will introduce processes and methods for tokenizing your texts and creating a dataset file that is compatible with existing Constellate notebooks to discover word frequencies, significant terms, topics, and more.

Class ran the week of April 11 in 3 sessions on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Each session ran at 10 am and 3:30 pm Eastern -- the two sessions on the same day are identical and you may attend either. (Please look-up the time conversion for your location, we've already changed time here in the US.)

Recordings, closed captions, and transcripts will be made available on this page after each session.


Nathan Kelber

Nathan is the Manager of Education for Constellate and the director of the Text Analysis Pedagogy Institute. In addition to his teaching and managerial role with Constellate, he has taught text analysis and digital humanities courses at the University of Maryland, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Wayne State University.